Now that the campaign is over, Mayor-Elect Schor is working to ensure a smooth transition for Lansing. He has selected an experienced slate of Lansing leaders to lead the transition team. The team, which is already hard at work, will meet throughout the rest of the year and make policy recommendations to the Mayor-elect on education, economic and business development, neighborhoods and public safety, and infrastructure. 

The transition will be led by former Lansing State Representative and City Council Member Joan Bauer. She will work closely with former Mayor David Hollister who is serving as a Senior Advisor to the transition team.


Economic and Business Development Committee

Chair: Greg Ward, Manager of Inclusion and Employee Experience at Consumers Energy

Committee Members: Charles Mickens, Steve Japinga, Pete Kramer, Jennifer Grau, Cara Nader, Berl Schwartz, Jose Yanez, Tyrone Sanders, Denise Peek, Dale Schrader, Laurie Baumer, Bo Garcia, Pat Spyke, Ryan Wert, Price Dobernik, Jamie Schriner, Glenn Freeman


Education Committee

Chair: Yvonne Caamul Canul, Superintendent, Lansing Public Schools

Committee Members: Dr. Brent Knight, Chuck Alberts, Janet Lillie, Nancy Wonch, Randy Watkins, Helen Mickens, Dr. Scott Koenigsknecht, Steve Purchase, Dr. Nino Rodriguez, Hi Fitzgerald, Owen Kilpatrick, Melissa Lilje, Bethany Gielczyk, Dominic Carbone, Kellie Dean, Rev. Dr. Melvin T. Jones, Justin Sheehan


Neighborhoods and Public Safety Committee

Co-Chairs: Rina Risper, Community Advocate & Mark Alley, Former Lansing Police Chief

Committee Members: Dayle Benjamin, Cynthia Lockington, Kelly Funk, Tracy Wimmer, Melissa Jeffries, Mary Toshach, Joan Nelson, Patty Farhat, Drew Macon, Loretta Stanaway, Scott Ellis, Kyle Bowman, Nancy Mahlow, Mike Redding, Elizabeth Battiste, James Pyle, Monica Blackwell, Betty Draher, Denise Kelley, Eric Weber, Griffin Rivers, Rock Hudson, Kathy Tyler


Infrastructure and public services Committee

Co-Chairs: Brian Jeffries, Attorney and Former City Council Member & Dusty Fancher, Former Lansing Parks Board Member

Committee Members: Jordan Leaming, Anita Beavers, Ken Ross, Dennis Louney, Marge Bossenbery, Rev. Iris Cotton, Veronica Gracia-Wing, David Wiener, Robert Swanson, Amber Shinn, Liz Boyd, Guillermo Lopez, Shirley Rodgers, Luciana Solis, Joe Graves, Rick Kibbey, Samara Morgan, John Lindenmayer, Gabrielle Johnson, Derek Melot, Farhan Bhatti, Sarah Schilio, Christopher Iannuzzi, Alisande Shrewsbury, Linda Sanchez-Gazella 


*Meeting information can be found on the events page. Public is welcome to attend all committee meetings, there will be time for public comment following each meeting.