(Lansing, Michigan) – State Representative Andy Schor has received the endorsement of
Friends of Housing for Mayor of the City of Lansing.

“The Home Builders Association has been privileged to work cooperatively with Andy
Schor on housing issues both during his time in the Legislature and in his previous position
with the Michigan Municipal League for over a decade,” said Lee Schwartz, Executive Vice
President for Government Relations for the association while announcing the endorsement.
“Andy knows that vibrant neighborhoods are the heart and soul of a city and that
revitalizing and rehabilitating older neighborhoods is a key component of economic

“Endorsements by Friends of Housing, the political action arm of the Home Builder
Association of Michigan, are not made on the basis of political party, but by who will do the
best job of making housing a priority in Michigan. Candidates are judged on their
performance, not their promises. Time and time again Andy has shown his commitment to
providing safe obtainable housing for Michigan’s citizens. These actions have earned him
today’s endorsement for Lansing City Mayor,” said Schwartz.
The Home Builders Association of Michigan is the largest association representing
construction in the state of Michigan.

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