March 6. 2017

Andy Schor has spent significant time discussing issues and working with neighborhood leaders throughout Lansing, both as a State Representative and County Commissioner. He visited most of the neighborhood associations and knocked on doors throughout this city. We are excited that these Lansing neighborhood leaders recognize these efforts and want to work with me as the next Mayor of Lansing.

Schor spent 10 years on the Ingham County Commission representing the south side of Lansing, and has served for the last five years in the House of Representatives representing the north side of Lansing and most of the south side of Lansing.

The local leaders endorsing State Rep Andy Schor for Mayor are:

  • Jamie Schriner, Old Town Leader
  • Danielle Casavant, Community Leader
  • Mindy Jones, Forest View Leader
  • Dale and Anne Schrader, Walnut Leader
  • Penny Gardner, Walnut Leader
  • Rina Risper, Walnut Leader
  • Katie Benghauser, Sycamore Park Leader
  • Cynthia Lockington, Sycamore Park Leader
  • Kelly Funk, Sycamore Park Leader
  • James Pyle, Groesbeck Leader
  • Denise Kelley, Eastside Leader
  • Melissa S Quon Huber, Southwest Lansing Leader
  • Betty Draher, Baker Leader
  • Melissa Jeffries, Coachlight Commons Leader
  • Anita and Claude Beavers, Colonial Village Leader
  • Jennie Gies, Eastfield Neighborhood Leader
  • Maria Castillo, Fabulous Acres Leader
  • Mike Redding, Churchill Downs President
  • Ryan Smith, Cherry Hill Leader
  • Tracy Pickering, Downtown Leader
  • Danny Wimmer, Downtown Leader
  • Deb Biehler, Potter/Walsh Area Leader
  • Dayle Benjamin, Edmore Park Leader
  • Gail Fournier, Old Everett Neighborhood Leader
  • Kirk Hewitt, Old Everett Neighborhood Leader
  • Lucas Anthony, Tecumseh River Neighborhood Leader
  • Sarah Schillio, Eastside Neighborhood Leader