Schor CityPulse Endorser.png

"Mayor While it is all but a foregone conclusion that Andy Schor will be elected as Lansing’s next mayor, we offer here our thoughts on why that should happen.

State Rep. Schor’s even temperament will be a welcome relief from the Trumpesque style of the incumbent. But Schor will bring far more to the office than that. His campaign for mayor shows a remarkable ability to foster a coalition of labor and business support. That talent bodes well for the challenge he faces of creating a spirit of cooperation or at least mutual respect with the Wood, Washington and Hussain faction on the City Council. Given that all three face reelection in two years, they should think carefully about whether they want to be seen as an obstacle to the agenda of a new mayor whose landslide victory against four opponents in the primary election points to widespread popularity among Lansing voters.

A bigger challenge will be working with leaders of other jurisdictions to promote badly needed regionalism to alleviate the budgetary strain facing many local governments. The incumbent has made a strong case for regionalism, but he has often undermined it with real and perceived insults to his peers. No doubt that has also given other leaders an excuse for not embracing regionalism, which voters in some communities don’t want. Schor can be counted on to remove that excuse.

While we and many residents would like to know what really motivated the payoffs to J. Peter Lark and Jeanine McIntyre under the current administration, we applaud Schor for saying that as mayor he wants to move on. The next mayor faces enough challenges, from what to do about City Hall, streets and sidewalks to long-term debt from unfunded liabilities. Schor is going to fight enough of his own battles without getting bogged down in old ones.

Schor has yet to spell out his agenda, and his response to questions on issues has too often been that he will study them if he is elected. But over the years as an Ingham County commissioner and a state representative, he has shown he is not a waffler. Moreover, he is happy to engage with the public and the media without rancor. We expect Andy Schor will carry on the best traditions of previous mayors."