Ingham Clinton Educators PAC of the Michigan Education Association Endorses Andy Schor for Lansing Mayor

"Andy Schor is a true believer in Lansing, including sending his children to the Lansing School District for the excellent education they will receive,” said Lisa Crites, ICEPAC Chair. “Andy has a great vision for Lansing, which includes working with our schools. The MEA and Lansing teachers are proud to endorse him and stand with him as he brings Lansing into the future!”

UAW Capital Area CAP Council Endorses Andy Schor for Lansing Mayor

"Andy has been a good friend to UAW workers in Lansing. We know he understands the Lansing economy and will be a great mayor for Lansing’s workers, residents, and employers. Andy has stood with us, and we are proud to stand behind him as Lansing’s next mayor,” said Mike Green, President of the UAW CAP.