Andy met with community leaders, business owners, and residents throughout Lansing to gather their expertise and build a plan. Andy’s vision was informed by deep, thoughtful conversations on how to move Lansing forward together. 



Lansing city government needs to assist its neighborhoods with their needs. Together we will use tools at our disposal to provide the amenities that residents want and expect. We will focus on revitalization and rehabilitation in areas of need. And we will ensure safety in our housing for homeowners, renters and for tenants in city-owned properties. 

City Government, Infrastructure and Services

Regionalism and positive relationships with others must become a guiding principle for the City of Lansing. We must work well with others, and the Mayor must work with the Council to improve city services and constituent assistance. We also must work together to budget and spend tax dollars efficiently, and be transparent about how we spend those tax dollars.


Economic and Community Development

Lansing needs to do a better job helping and keeping small businesses. Our corridors need improvement, and we should better assist commercial areas throughout the city in addition to downtown. Government must work with all developers in a fair way, while ensuring our workers have opportunities for jobs when we give up tax dollars for development. We also need to pass common sense regulation for marijuana shops.

City and Schools

Residents need to know that they have great schools. The City needs to work with the schools and CVB and others to convince our young couples and families that they can stay right here in Lansing to have unique and excellent school programs for their children. Lansing also needs to do more to provide basic human services to residents through our schools.


Neighborhood Vision Advisory Committee

  • Dayle Benjamin 
  • Danielle Casavant 
  • Maria Castillo 
  • Penny Gardner 
  • Denise Kelly '
  • Cynthia Lockington 
  • Tracy Pickering
  • Julie Powers 
  • Dale and Anne Schrader 
  • Jamie Schriner

This Advisory Committee includes individuals that are current or former leaders of neighborhood associations, neighborhood groups, and neighborhood watches in the City of Lansing. Many others not listed also provided feedback and input. 

City Services and Infrastructure Vision Advisory Committee

  • Ken Ross 
  • Derek Melot 
  • Samara Morgan 
  • Anita Beavers 
  • Scott Ellis 
  • Linda Sanchez -Gazella 
  • Samantha Harkins 
  • Ron Wilson 
  • Dennis Louney 
  • Marge Bossenberry 
  • Hon. Joan Bauer 
  • Dusty Fancher 
  • Alisande Henry

This Advisory Committee includes individuals that have been employed by the City, have served as an elected official for the City, or have served on a committee or commission of the City. Many others not listed also provided feedback and input. 

Economic & Community Development Vision Advisory Committee

  • Brian McGrain 
  • Scott Ellis 
  • Matt Solak 
  • Jennifer Grau 
  • Cara Nader 
  • Jamie Schriner 
  • Lynne Martinez 
  • Nancy Finegood 
  • Julie Powers

This Advisory Committee includes individuals involved in economic and community development in and around Lansing. It also includes business owners and advocates. Many others not listed also provided feedback and input

City and Schools Vision Advisory Committee

  • Rev. Dr. Melvin T Jones 
  • Hon. Dr. Nino Rodriguez 
  • Hon. Gabrielle Johnson 
  • Hon. Melissa Lilje 
  • Professor Nancy Wonch 
  • Dr. Yvonne Camaal Canul

This Advisory Committee includes individuals involved with our schools in Lansing. It also includes those doing work with our children and residents to help increase resources and tools for education. Many others not listed also provided feedback and input.